About CULT

Where Design Meets the Open Road

Meet Katrien Hertogs - Design and Developement. 


Hey there, fellow adventurer! I'm Katrien Hertogs, a Belgian designer with a passion for the open road and the rhythm of the waves. My journey in design began with hands-on experience in the world of car upholstery, specializing in crafting interiors for high-end old-timers. This venture spoke volumes about my love for creativity and craftsmanship. However, the call of the surf was too strong to resist, leading me to leave the hustle behind and dive headfirst into the van life.

Surfing became my daily ritual, and as I rode the waves, I found a new direction for my creative energy. In my quest for a meaningful and flexible career, I stumbled upon Alan Maddock, a kindred spirit and the owner of El Cruce Surf and a distributor for surf shops in the Canarias and mainland Spain, operating under the name Harven Surf.

Enter Alan Maddock - Founder and Surf Enthusiast:

Alan and I crossed paths a little over two years ago on the beautiful shores of Lanzarote. Beyond being a distributor and the proud owner of three surf shops under the name El Cruce Surf, he shared a passion for creating products under his surf label, CULT. The stars aligned when he mentioned adding car seatcovers to the CULT lineup, making it the focal point of the brand.

The idea resonated with me, considering my background in design and car upholstery. Alan, with his sales expertise, saw the potential for a perfect partnership. Our collaboration makes us a dynamic duo, complementing each other's strengths in this exciting venture.

From Concept to Reality: The CULT Journey:

After some contemplation, I decided to embark on this journey. The process of design, development, and production began, and now, one year later, our first production is ready to hit the road. We're already making waves in local stores, and it's time to share the CULT experience with you through our webshop.

At CULT, we're not just selling seatcovers; we're weaving stories of adventure, design, and the love for the open road. Join us on this journey, and let's make every drive a CULT adventure.

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